December 13, 2006

C00D2EEF Unable to locate the media server. The operation timed out.

While toting my laptop between home and my client, I need to change the internet settings for proxy server and automatic configuration script. I had accidentally left my proxy server checked when I got home and then installed the Zune software. Naturally the Zune media player took the settings from Internet Explorer (you *ARE* on IE 7.0, right? :) ).

Becuase of this, I was able to view and search in Zune Marketplace, but could not connect to the media server. These settings are located under Options -> Playback -> More Options... -> Network tab, and then find HTTP in the listview and configure the proxy properly.

Hopefully no one else runs into this, but if you do....


Zune, Baby!

I'm sitting here listening to Sour Girl by STP on my new Zune (this year's fabulous Holiday gift from Magenic). I'm on the 14 day pass right now and will definitely be doing some exploring! :)

More to come on the Zune experience...